Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forever In Love

Another sigh, because  so many beautiful shoes and too small of a wallet. I could go one forever on how many pair of shoes I wish I could put in my closet. My friends know too well that shoes are my true weakness.

I have petite (6.5/6 US) and slightly wide feet. This makes finding my size quite difficult and if the store has a pair, it typically won't fit. UGH! I wish I was exaggerating but it takes a ridiculous amount time for me to find the perfect pair of heels. I would love a magic shoe fairy to grant my wish for a perfect pair of black heels. Does anyone else struggle to find shoes that don't break the  bank or finding a pair that fits? 
Sigh, again, below are a few that I'm coveting right now. Who know I could possibly find the perfect one?

Zara 69.90

Anthropologie 80.00

Thanks for reading, stay cool.


  1. Wow love those Anthro shoes!! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    Elle xoxo

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE ! I am now following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Meanwhile I will browse through your blog more. Hope to hear from you soon and following.
    Thanks and God bless ! 0:)


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