Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seeing Red

LA FURIA ROJA! Congrats to Spain! 4 to 0. I wish I could be back in Madrid with all my crazy, football-obsessed friends. I cheered on the game back home. My mom and I screamed after Torres scored. Sorry to all the Italy fans. Better luck in World Cup 2014. Until then I will be representing Spain.

ps. Do you like my shoes? Scored them on sale at Marshall. I've developed a small obsession after watching all the Euro 2012 games. Happy July, it's going to be one eventful month.


  1. viva espana! lovely shoesies :) xx

  2. Yay, my country won! I'm so happy! <3

  3. love the wedges!!

  4. OOh I love those shoes, I actually have bought that brand a few times and always really like them. So cute how you're a sports fan too!!


  5. I was rooting for Italy in the final, but Spain played super and Torres got golden-boot as well. It made it okay since two of my fave players Alonso and Reina were worthy winners.

    Tasty wedges like the details on the buckle

  6. Those shoes are just lovely :)

    And congrats on the victory ^^


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