Friday, June 1, 2012

Panama Pt 1

Hello to all you lovelies!! Finally back from my trip. It's so hard to compress three weeks into one post. I want to try so hard to resist posting lots of photos all at once. So I shall share various activities over the next few posts.

One of my favorite part of Panama city was to looked up and admired all the skyscrapers and people just filled my head with inspiration. Seeing the distinction among the neighborhood and where the people needed more help made me want to do more. It's a unique city and the people are so warm and inviting. Everywhere I went I felt surrounded by family, even though most of them were not related by blood. I never say I'm a local but I never deny that I feel like I returned home. Home can feel so far away. Even right now, I wish I could be back in the tropical sun.

I found this perfect spot over looking the city and the scenery below. It's a contrast of the old and modern.
I wore a basic outfit, considering any moment the a tropical drizzle could happen. Top from Marshalls, shorts are Zara, sandals from an Indian boutique, jewelry were gifts or bought a long time ago. I'm wearing a bracelet that I will explain more about later.

panama 2012 160

panama 2012 159

panama 2012 078

panama 2012 168

Later on I will share more of what I saw,ate and met during my trip. It feels so good to be back blogging! 


  1. Gorgeous!

    Bad Joan

  2. Quite a diverse place with the beach mountains modern city and historic ruins!!


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