Monday, June 11, 2012

Right Now

Does this make me sound shallow? I had a conversation with a friend over the weekend about things we would buy. I went home and immediately made a small collage of the items I was fawning over.
Sigh, I've been lusting over a few of these items over the past few months. I'm dying to get a new bag from Zara and a few neon collared necklaces. I'm so obsessed with accessories that are unique and beautiful because I love how they transform any outfit into something unique.

Things I Would Buy Right Now

We also discussed recent events and certain people in our lives. The start of the Euro 2012, distracted me from any drama. I spent all Sunday at home watching Spain vs. Italy. Time to break out the team jersey and check the local soccer(football) pub. I like to show off to the guys that I actually know what is going on during the match. Who will you be cheering for this summer? I'm supporting Spain! 


  1. If that's shallow then I'm guilty too!
    Im pretty sure that's just a normal part of being a girl isn't it??

    Great wishlist, I love the chunky jewellery & the oversized bags xo

  2. Love the dress! And that pink bag is sooo cute! <3

  3. Every women's prerogative to have a mental list and even better a collage of things coveted. :)

    Supporting my nation England first at the Euros, but have always had a soft spot for Spain & Italy. I'm a Liverpool supporter too and many of them are Spanish!


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