Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back To School, Back to Life

Hello once again, I'm constantly running in and out of my house. Just so excited and relieved to begin my last semester! Finally got a few things for class besides books and pens. Although, I do love stationary. Once again, I picked out a few cute notebooks. Most formal assignments are submitted electronically, so I barely worry about what I scribble down. My notes are so poorly written and I tend to wander off and start to doodle in my note books. 

I will try to keep posting on a weekly basis. It really saddens me to have make a small sacrifice. But I'm not making any sacrifice with my wallet. Besides spending money on books and supplies. I walked in to the nearest Marshals and found so many cool items for class and a few fabulous and chic clothes for a girl on a budget. I have an addiction to that store. Happy weekend and take care dear readers!

Notebooks and DayPlanner all from Target. ELF duo Contouring Blush and Bronzer, can be found online.

Love cute stationary!

Cute shoes for walking all day on campus! Love the ballet flats, they are kind of squishy inside but so soft and luxurious. ps.

Once again thanks for reading!


  1. You're so right, those shoes look perfect for walking on campus and that is so good you're taking school so seriously, although I see why it could be hard when you're trying to balance blogging! Keep it up and I love the Notebooks. Nice post Anna


  2. Those notebooks are gorgeous & so are your shoes <3
    Good luck with your study xo

  3. Those notebooks are amazing, so cute!
    And I love your brown sandals <3

  4. Ahhh I love back to school shopping, those notebooks are so cute!I feel the urge to hit the supply section at Target now.


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