Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Current Inspiration:August

Almost the end of the summer, but still time to break out the shorts and light jackets. Also I plan of heading out to the lake. I better grab a few adorable friends also.
 Just wish I had a few more chic, and summer outfits to show. At times when I feel a little doubtful, I look for beauty inspiration in multiple medias. It's rather boring to be posting the same outfit. I rather just take one or two outfits I really adore and post them. I guess it's my personal policy.  Below I posted to photos I found via tumblr. Both really had elements that I just adore.

Gorgeous smile. Ever so lovely red lips and jumbo round sunnies. All I need in one photo.

Fun sequins for a romantic night out. I don't care if everyone stares. I want them to stare...

Can I just have time to stare and wish that I could grab what I want from pictures? Thanks for reading.


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