Friday, August 10, 2012

La Cantina

Oh Happy Friday! I'm certainly pleased to be done for the week. I had a terribly ache in my mouth and finally visited to the dentist. I had to get a filling! Now it's done I feel so much better.
Thursday night, My mom and I went out to get some drinks (cheers), and Mexican food at Cantina Laredo.  Apparently it's a chain that recently open. I've been checking out tons of newer restaurants opening around Omaha. I'm so stoked to see fresh new concepts and taht Omaha is upcoming in the restaurant scene. My mom and I order a freshly made guacamole and house special margaritas. Also, Thursdays are ladies night, meaning all ladies get discounted drinks until 7pm!

friends 026edit

Later on, we had to try the ahi tuna tacos, a mix of sushi and Mexican. So delightful and I smashed the whole plate.

cantina tacos

Alright I'm getting hungry from these pictures. Enjoy your weekend, eat well and have fun!


  1. I'm getting hungry from these pictures too! everything looks so delicious

  2. I just started my diet today and these photos are making me jealous to say the least. Anyways I'm glad your tooth is feeling better and that you got to spend some time with your mom!

  3. Looks appetizing! We practically have NO Mexican restaurants here at all in the U.K, because there's virtually no Mexican's based here.

  4. I'm so sorry that you had to get a filling. Those are no fun. The food looks good, though!
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  5. This food looks so well. Where abouts is this restaurant? (sorry if you said where) I am just too intrigued by the pictures to read thoroughly hahah! Great post!


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