Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Late Summer Dreams

Once again, another eventful weekend. I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises, I guess you can says I'm obsessed with comic books and superheros. I sat on the edge of my seat during the whole movie. I just  hated all the spoilers about the movie before I saw it though. I had to avoid tumblr and facebook for a few days.  I hope you gals and guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Also I found myself coveting these beautiful items. I feel my little heart skipping. Such little details always make me feel so weak. I gasp for air staring at a pair of shoes more than watching the Olympic and spotting a beautiful, well-formed male athlete. I guess my whole life is filled with shameless problems.

Shoes DOLCE & GABBANA, The Eccentric Collection F/W 2012-2013

ps. These are such a dream and I might have not notice these until recently.


  1. how delightful they look like they've been made out of bone china, just like antique tea cups.
    Haven't got round to watching DKR yet!

  2. Those are like fairytale shoes1

    xo Jennifer

  3. Wow, that shoe is sooo accentric but it would be fun to try a Dolce and Gabbanna shoe some time :) I'm glad you got to see the Dark Knight and loved it so much, I didn't even think about how annoying it would be with all the spoilers. I ended up seeing it the first weekend but I can see how hard it would be to ignore the FB and Tumblrs :)

    Have a great weekend Anna

  4. whoa, those shoes are out of this world!

    Hybid Hunter


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