Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Sweat

Best thing I've read all day. Why? I'm not one to put comfort above style. Give me a pair of skinny and heels or a skirt and ballet flats, any day. I loathe the response from girls that never want to wear anything besides sweats. A little effort goes a long way dears! Please stop and think, just why sweatpants are not cute anymore. I know it's a common but it can be so predictable. I do not deny that sweats can be comfy but like everything we wear there is an apropriate time and place

This week I wish I had gotten a picture my outfit from Tuesday. I need to get somebody to snap few pictures when I wear this delicious mint and navy sweater from J. Crew. I'm not going to lie this was my first purchase from this store. Thank goodness it was on sale!

Have a fun weekend and enjoy the little bit a sunshine we have left before autumn!


  1. Couldn't agree more! On my college campus it gets even worse: pajama bottoms...all around shame. Anyway, really cute sweater! J Crew is awesome.

  2. loving the knit!!


  3. Love that little striped sweater, it'll go with tons. Great pick!

  4. I've always thought it's important to be comfortable, but look presentable at the same time. A pair of skinny jeans worn with some nice flat shoes and a blouse/blazer is far more stylish, and just as comfortable as sweatpants and a tee!

  5. I absolutely hate people who put absolutely no effort into their look!


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