Monday, October 1, 2012

Dreamy Inspiration

Some days I wish I did not to be done with school. I've been starting the hunt for grownup job. I've been so worried and stress about finding a job. On top of feeling so much pressure from my university. Lately, I've been wanting to take a trip across the ocean. I'm tired of being stuck in the same city. This itching to get out has grown a lot in the last year. There are so many places and people fill up this small piece of land and I'm just one girl that has a burning desire to see it all. Such a simple question, if you could go anywhere, where would you choose?

I'm currently debating about buying a ticket to the following spots.

1. Italy

2. South of France

3.Norway (source)


  1. These are nice picks and I love the pictures too. I would add Brazil. Peru, Japan, Thailand and whole bunch of other places :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. OOh Anna these pics make me want to go accross the ocean too for a fun trip. I've always wanted to visit the south of france. If you end up going, please let me know


  3. I love the first picture the most. How dreamy and romantic is that!


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