Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Loves

OMG! Happy weekend to everyone. I had a grand, fun weekend: dinner with friends, donuts, browsing through records and lots and lots of food.

October has proved to be quite an eventful month. I swear I can't even begin to explain my busy schedule. I'm truly feel happy to be getting outside  and doing more. My goal for the school was to gain more life experience. I see myself changing into an adult. Soon, the semester will be over and I will be officially be a college graduate. I'm so excited I could cry right now.

 Party at my friend's apartment. Do you like my hoodie?

wtf I'm a dinosaur


The firemen came because of the smoke machine: it was not allowed but we still dance and sang for the rest of the evening.


Donut Stop, open until 4 am! Untitled

Looking for some party records, and found a cover that reminded us of friend.



Outside of Harold's Cafe

Inside of Harolds, I order the biscuits and gravy. NOM!  Untitled

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Your hoodie is so much fun! I love it! Totally something that I would wear.
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