Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty Independent

Good evening, it's late for me to be writing but I have to share a few thoughts. My head started to hurt after  a long day, and I could feel a burning pain in my neck. So I just took a little bit of personal time to deep condition my hair. I enjoy this new mask because it that refreshes my hair and seriously loosen my neck muscles. Later, I took a few minutes to reboot from all the stress and made a collage on polyvore.  I guess you can take that I'm trying to take my mind away from something.

 What else I could I do during the week to relax? I'm considering taking a yoga meditation class.

Pretty Independent

Pretty Independent by razzledazzleme featuring a faux shearling jacket

Lastly, fall break is coming soon. Yay!


  1. love that leather skirt you picked out, I've been looking for one! and good luck on the job hunt!

  2. Great pieces! I love the sweater.

    - Victoria


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