Friday, November 23, 2012


I'm not a big fan of Black Friday but I did my daughter duty and helped my mom and dad at Target last night at 9pm. I'm so pleased with my experience, because it was super easy to get inside and the crazies didn't show up.  What did my family buy? My dad begged me to grab a 32 inch flat screen.

I just wanted to snag a few sweaters  and a new blender. I'm not a big fan for electronics and couldn't comprehend why people waited so long in the line for iPhones and iPads. My mom grabbed up a few house appliances for my brother, that is moving out next month. He was quite happy that we did this favor for him, while he sat in outside in front of a sporting goods store. They gave out free food and coffee! How sweet for the those poor souls standing out all night.

I had a good night's sleep and I woke up at 7 and went off to buy a few more things at the mall.
I went to JC Penny's, and Express. We were in and out by 11:30  and went home to watch Husker College Football. Now I'm all bundled up in sweats. It's quite frigid and I don't want to leave my house! Time to spend the night with a little reading material and a cup of hot cocoa.

Also so many thanks and hugs to everyone!

Black Friday
Top and jeans JCP and beige top Target

Black Friday
(Minus the Leather) Jacket from Express

   new shoes
 Shoes found at TJ Maxx, not black friday but I love them!

Also be thankful ladies and gents for all you have. Remember many are not as fortunate.


  1. loving the heels!


  2. I always forget that those Black Friday sales are meant to be CRAZY! Sounds like you and your family got everything that you wanted though x

  3. I do love my gadgets but queuing for the latest iPad and iPhone is a tad too object-oriented. I usually stick to cyber sales, but no doubt some of the best deals are to be had are in store!

    likin the sparkle on the beige top :)


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