Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blizzard Time

Last night, the announcement all over the news declared that snow was coming. Today, I went out to get some coffee and chat with friends downtown. We were all so cheerful and talking about all the activities we planned to do since we all be stuck at home for a day or two. I personally adore snow days. Granted, I'm dying to move far away from winter. However, all my relatives down in South America have never experienced lazy snow days.

Things to do during a snow day/ blizzard:

  • Wear a cozy sweater and leggings. No need to dress up to snuggle with my dogs on the couch. 
  • Read a few novels that are lying around. I have small stack of books that I haven't found the time to read. Snow days are the perfect opportunity to check off a few books from this list that I must read before I'm 25. 
  • Craft a few gifts for those loved ones. 
  • Go for a winter walk. I haven't done a walk in the snow in forever! Time to bust out my favorite furry hat and a cute snow boots. 
  • Skype with friends
  • Turn on a fire, I don't have one but I'm going to turn on this endless fireplace.
  • Go sledding. 
  • Charge all electronics. 
  • Gather candles, place in safe areas and light them up for more ambiance. I just imagine living in the beginning of the 20th Century. We have advance so much that not even snow can effect our lifestyle. Even if the power doesn't go off, I'll light up a candle. They smell so good. 
  • Create a mood board. 
  • Scrapbook! It's a personal project for a few friends that are moving away but I'm excited to show them my finish product.
  • Lastly, spend time with my family. It's so special to see family gathering together.
Thanks dears and stay warm!


  1. Some sound advise! :)

    Have a Happy Holidays xx ☺

    ▲_▲ HYENA

  2. great list! blizzard season is perfect for staying in and doing family stuff!

    Glass of Fashion

  3. amen to this list :)
    makes me feel warm and cozy

    candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

  4. Thanks for sharing. Great tips! xx

    - Victoria

  5. Blizzard or not, I'm all about all of the above! I love the holidays!


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