Monday, February 25, 2013

Beauty Faves: Feb 2013

Let me start and declare hat I'm no way transforming my blog into sort beauty platform or that I'm a know-it-all guru. I'm a true lipstick/ lipgloss hoarder. I'll admit that I have many and I love them all. However, I keep the same basic face routine: foundation, light rosy cheeks and a cat eye. I don't feel a need to go into details because there are so many amazing tutorials on youtube on how to apply makeup.

Right now, I'm really into dark nails and bright, cheerful pink lips. Some of my favorite lipsticks varied from high end cosmetics to bargain brands from the nearby drugstore. I would choose a pink shade over red. I honestly only have two red lipsticks, which is very little compare the 10 or more pink lip products I own right now. Is there a lip color you prefer?

Products: OPI Midnight in Moscow, Sation Nails Miss Popular (Found at Marshalls) MAC Girl About Town,Wet'N'Wild Dollhouse Pink
Current Beauty Faves

In order, Wet'N'Wild Dollhouse Pink, (matte bluish pink), MAC Girl About Town, (creamy bluish pink), Revlon Fuchsia (Creamy blue pink with purple undertones). I found the one from Revlon over a year ago, not sure if they still have it for sale. Also it's similar to Girl About Town but I personally prefer the texture and lasting power of MAC. ps. Save your MAC containers. I got Girl About Town for free since I saved enough to for Back2Mac.


Kisses and hugs to everyone!


  1. i would love to see you put on the different lipsticks ... the colors always look better/different on rather than the tester. i am searching for the perfect red :)

  2. Great post and I always go with Mac and I've never tried 'Girl About Town' :) Thanks for sharing!


  3. Those shades look lovely, my tones of lipstick lean more to pink too, particularly during the day.I could do with some more shades of lippy. :)


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