Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Love

There some days I'm in love with winter. It hard to describe how I feel when the skies are gray and light snow is falling. Also it helps to be driven around in style. These glorious winter nights are slowly fading, last week I had small taste of spring that I even wore ballet flats.

Then this past Friday, winter reminded me that I have to wait another month for spring. It started while I was out eating with friends. Beautiful, fluffy snowflakes were falling down. It all looked magical. When leaving the restaurant we all gathered into my dream car, a small red BMW. (It's not mine, it belongs to my friend). I headed out to deal with the snow, we ate and than partied at local bar. Overall, it was such an amazing night!

night out

night out

Yum! Crepes for dinner. I order pork one from the newest European style restaurant called The Corner Creperie. I really enjoy the full coffee bar also. I'm always in the mood for a light vanilla latte. I'll be back again!

 Now, I'm afraid I have to endure another snowmargeddon. #midwestgirlsproblems


  1. Love the lighting in the first imagine in the snow! :) those crepes are making my stomach grumble! :)

    look forward to Spring too, though I love hiding my clothing sins by wearing a large warm coat in winter.


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