Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pretty romance

Oh goodness, it's about time for Valentine's Day. I know it's not the best holiday for a single gal but I still adore all the silliness surrounded by this holiday. I've appreciate the idea of doing something slightly romantic and impulsive. It's should be said that I'm so old-fashioned when it comes to dating. I'm not easily impressed by any guy and I'm terribly shy around them when I actually admire somebody. I sometimes wish somebody would do a big romantic gesture, so I can overcome my shyness, like in those movies from the 80's.

 This time of the year I'm constantly watching romantic comedies and hunting down new clothes for spring. Currently, admiring this video from Free People. Each time I watch it, it starts to slowly melting my cold heart and I'm praying for a new romance and wardrobe come spring. Who knows what a beautiful new season can bring?

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  1. What a sweet video! They are two gorgeous models!! I have only just discovered Free People & I adore their clothing! But I would love it even more if everything I liked wasn't petite haha! I'm also on the hunt for new spring clothes! I love this season!! xx


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