Monday, February 11, 2013

Be Mine??

It's a another super Monday. It's also only a few days before the biggest commercial holiday. Most gals and guys are dragging their feet to the store. Or praying that by some miracle the cutie they have their eye on will be surprised and feel the same. Valentine's Day may seem to be overdone and given too much expectations for the hopeful romantics. It's just one day and the next day will be Friday. So let's us all take a breathe and  all kidding aside you should take  time to considered those loved one around and perhaps prepare a surprise for your sweetheart.

It can't be so intimidating buying a gift. I take days perhaps weeks to find gift for a friend. I'm definitely the type of girl that worries until I see the persons face. I can imagine going all out this week.

Imagine a night being swooned and dancing around your dream city. It may seem to be something out of a movie but we all deserve a moment to feel like someones one and only.


Romantic by razzledazzleme featuring a bandeau dress

Night At Home

A cozy night at home, on the couch with cute sweatshirt and short or a just a silky robe. Also indulge in a spread of sweets and savory plates of cheese and wine. 

However you choose to celebrate, enjoy live and cherish whomever your with...

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