Thursday, October 3, 2013

Current Obsessions: Summer/ Early Fall 2013

So long summer, fall has arrived. I'm absolutely sick of reading post about fall and all things pumpkin. I'm ready to skip all this #ilovefall nonsense. Besides I thrive on 70 degree days and lots of sunshine; I daydream about living somewhere tropical. One day, that's all I keep on saying to myself...

I had to deal with intense heat and summer, and had to find new ways to try to keep cool. Self-Indulgent is one way to describe my habits. I'm also a creature of habit. I shop at same store over and over again, and even still go to the same Starbucks or local tea shop. I gathered some the things that I'm still in love with this Fall.

+ Accessories.
Most recent purchase from Target. I couldn't control my wallet when I saw this 3.1 Philip Lim x Target bag. also love the industrial inspired earring.
Mini bag from #philliplimfortarget and small earrings from @targetstyle.

Neon Prints/ Sparkles/ Studs ♥
Perfect notebook for writing and other creative posts. #pinkglitter #ilikeshinythings


Summer 2013

Food + Drink
Strawberry Wedding Cake from Wheatfields

Bubble Tea vs Coffee Frappachino, I'm divided between which is my favorite summer time drink.
It's hot, so I bought a little treat from tea smith.

Just a little treat. #starbucks #coffelover4eva

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