Friday, January 23, 2009

Blithe Spirit



Oh, mess up. I posted this with out anything. :P

I saw a play called Blithe Spirit at the Omaha community playhouse. My French teacher from high school, told me that his partner got the lead role. I got to see it for free!

It was about a British couple. It's start at their house and they are having dinner, with a doctor, his wife and a psychic. They dine and chat, then they have a seance, and the end the main character's dead wife comes back to haunt him. It's all so funny.

Then, today I went to my classes. We had a talk about a good argument and styles of argument. It was fascinating. We talked a lot about Obama.

I came home, and now I got to find a way to downtown. I want to go see Cursive, I live in Omaha and they are a big deal. I just hope I can get into the show.

Bye, happy weekend!!

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