Thursday, September 24, 2009

Should I?

I really want this costume but I don't think it's worth 145 dollar and all the D-I-Y's I have read are so lame.
I haven't look around for other options but I'm so excited for Where the Wild Things Are.

They do have the hat so I could try to find footy pj's.

Does this make me a little childish?
Any one else want this outfit?
Why I do ask so many questions?


  1. I really want to see that movie!!! And your hood thingie is super cute. Just get a little scepter and you're all set :)

  2. aww its so cute .. but i agree its just too much . god with these halloween prices

  3. haha... love the hat!

  4. hmmm. my photos are randomly strewn on peoples tumblrs without credit?? i got a link once with my banner on a tumblr...would you mind giving me links when you come across my uncredited work?

    thanks for the tip!

    xx raez

  5. It's not childish, I think the outfit is pretty grown-up.

  6. haha... i wish i like to dress up - well, it would very very adorable on you - and nothing wrong to be alittle childish on Halloween night, xoxo

  7. My goodness..way too much money!!! stick with the idea its FUN, im sure you'll find a creative way to this look for less money!

    One Love,


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