Monday, September 28, 2009

I've Been Missing You

The past week was hell.
I officially hate school. I had to deal with way too many bullshit problems with lazy students.
But I decided that today I would catch up with the many collections I've missed.
I started out checking what went down in Milan.

Moschino Spring 2010
Overall very lovely.

I'm absolutely in love with this look. The ruffle and rosettes all involve in the collection gave me some hope for a lovely spring. The charming prints also won me over. Lastly how cute is Siri


Marni Spring 2010

I can't explain this as well as Tavi can but I love all the crazy layers. Any one besides me want to wear some silk scarves in their like this? Not quite sure how they did this.

D&G 2010
Another collection I'm not crazy about but I read in someones blog that it reminded them of Project Runway, when some of the designers did a western theme and that just made me smile, since I haven't seen PR in two weeks.

ps. That is one of the sexiest white dresses, I've probably seen.

(credit to

Milan is just freaking amazing, I definitely have to visit this city.
The Sartorialist shots are some of my faves. His posts just make my day.


  1. love the moschino! who's that model on the red moschino dress?

  2. Amazing blog!
    I love your style and photos!!

    Lola Vee Vintage xxx

    check out my vintage

  3. Moschino is awesome this season, Love it!

  4. This post puts the F in fabulous!! :)



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