Monday, October 19, 2009

My Life

This is what happens when I'm out of school. I make pretty collages on polyvore.

pretty pastels

I'm in dire need of a party. I want to get a little dressed up, I want to at least put on some crazy, sexy make-up.

My best friend and his girlfriend are throwing a party, and you think I be excited.
Wrong!! He's having a costume party, and he is just inviting kids from high school. A few I really do like will likely be attending. I feel bad because I honestly don't want to go.
I feel he's putting me in an awkward situation.
Due to that fact, he's throwing the party with his girlfriend, whom has invited some annoying and trashy girlfriends. I've known these girls since high school and they have no class. I really cannot tolerate being inside a room with them.
I also don't feel comfortable because this is the type of party I should bring a date. I don't have one. It's makes me feel sad, considering even those trashy girls all typically have boyfriends whom they are bringing.
I don't know why I'm feeling so unappealing. I'm very social person and I do get attention from guys. But none have really taken an interest in me in a romantic way. I'm not sure why. This is all so puzzling for me.

So I'm asking any one, should I go?

ps. Sorry if I'm depressing you. I've just been pondering a lot lately and I have to let some things out.

Thanks, Anna


  1. Maybe explain to your friend that it's not really your thing, but you hope to do something else with him soon? I think it's fair not to go though...but if you get another friend to go with you, maybe it will be more fun than you think! And to answer your question, I do sometimes contrast and warm my photos to make them sharper. I try to use natural lighting as much as possible though to avoid making them too fake looking!

  2. Very ince picks in the polyvore :D


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