Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Real Bag

My mother wants me to stop buying cheap stuff, which I actually have been doing.
Quality items last longer and I highly doubt I will be spending thousands of dollars a month anytime soon, so buying quality will help.

So I decided that my first big purchase as an "adult", should be on a semi-expensive bag.

I never like to spend money on purses. Typically cause they end up dirty or me pouring out the contents on the ground looking for my ID.

But I kind of need one, since I typically carry a canvas one or a plastic vinyl purse.

I haven't the slightest clue about how much I should spend.
Let's say 200 maximum, I have no idea where I should start. Then I realize," holy shit I should make a polyvore collage!"


So I know I some of these aren't great but these are what caught me eye. I did see that bottom bag at UO that a quite an array of colors.

But I'm currenyly coveting the "diego bag" by Alexander Wang.
It's slouchy and perfect beige color.
I'd buy it in a minute except it's out of my budget.
It's either the bag or a camera.

I've stop drooling now, so wish me luck in my venture to find a new bag. Oh and should probably look into buying a camera also.

ps. Thanks for all the comments. You all are so sweet.


  1. A good camera is deff. something worth investing in
    good luck

  2. love the bag you posted! i'm drooling <33

  3. Ohhhhhh, I'd go for the camera sweets!

  4. Good luck! It's so hard finding that perfect bag!

  5. Great roundup of purses! My next big purchase is a dslr!

  6. yeah I love the bucket bag, too bad it is more than $200 :(

  7. I think everyone's coveting that wonderful Diego bag. I would give anything for it...

  8. you are just toooo cute! just take your time - first "adut" bag is soooo major, xx

  9. I cant wait till I get my first chanel!


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