Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Shit Takes Me Forever!

I'm so happy that I finally convince, a friend to take some photos with me.

But I forgot to charge my camera, so we only got a few pictures of my outfit. I had loads of fun,and it is easier to control when another person is snapping away.

Skirt- Target; Shirt- Von Maur; Boots- Ruff Hewn; Socks- Urban Outfitters; Scarf- Marshalls

I felt a little country, with the plaid and denim skirt. I did not realize the reference, until I saw my photos being uploaded.
Can't really tell but I'm wearing that lipstick I got from MAC, I showed in my last post. :)

How's everyone week's going?
It's been so slow and cold where I live.


  1. cute i like that colour on you. and your socks*boots combo is hot.

    xx raez

  2. love the ombination of socks and boots!

  3. Hey there. I'm absolutely loving your blog, I just stumbled across it. I will definitely be following!

    Feel free to check out mine, I think you'd especially love it.


  4. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on http://ptitevalentine-be.blogspot.com/

    x Valentine

  5. Lovely boots!! Great ensemble. Hope your week gets better and most the weekend!


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