Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Epic Day

Screw Valentine's Day, I'm only saying that because I have no one special to celebrate with.

Don't feel sad for me. I'm still going for a pretty in pink look for class on Friday.

Enough of my jealousy, lets talk about how freaking cute these bow tie necklace and belt by Baptiste Viry!

I wish I was better a DIY, then I take some old bow tie and make my own pretty jewelry.
I need to get more creative.

I'm also terribly excited to see and read about what happens in New York this week.

Lastly, I saw the most random protest at my university because some crazies tried to come.
Kids had signs that said subway, Tupas Lives, rick roll'd etc. Also I saw a kid dance like MJ.
It was epic. I'm glad my college has such amazing students.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, or at least a fun one due to all the snow.
Just incase I forget to post. Happy Valentine's Day for all you lovers.


  1. hahaa. i feel the same way about valentines day. I dont think ill ever enjoy the damn holiday unless i actually have a valentine. To be honest, i never really cared much for valentines day.

    I didnt understand ur last comment on my blog, why dont you think Tavi is innocent?

  2. thanks for the sweet comments:)

    and yes, screw vday! it's all commercial shit anyway. me and my firends are gonna watch will ferrell movies all day instead, woooo!

    xx raez

  3. You have totally inspired me! I'm going to try to make one, I actually have an old suspender and I'll let you know how it comes out xoxo

  4. i really want that tie-belt bow necklacee! it's amazing, i would try to figure out how can i do it!

    Don't be sad, theres more single girls in the world, like me and well we are trying our best to be happy :D so be happy!!

  5. I never celebrate v day.. even i have a lover, i prefer celebrating our love when we want to.. don't like to celebrate my love in a data fixed by comercials..
    anyway! love the tie necklace!

  6. Adorable bow tie!

    sometimes it's ok to hate on v-day ;)

  7. I'm so behind on Fashion Week! I love this piece though. Leather and suspenders AND a bowtie? SO cool!


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