Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's here!

I'm so happy to finally get the news that Daria will be released on DVD.
I'm so excited for May 11th!
Also if you buy this, let's have a screening party.

Sorry for being so lame, everything around is a total daze. All I want to do is lay in bed, watch movies, eat ice cream etc. I know really boring stuff.
Okay, not that boring, some people are jealous of my lazy lifestyle.
I'm particularly do not like this. I'm very studious in order to keep my scholarship.
So, one could see why, after staying up until 1 am doing homework, I just want to sleep and look at editorials. Currently dreaming about NYFW, and wishing I would have some how gone to those events I read about on the blogs.

I was feeling kind of like shit this weekend. While, I was feeling pathetic, decided to buy a Pro account on flickr.

I'm actually amazed I haven't upgraded before. Most of the photos focus on stuff from high school and the concerts I attended. I also have outfit that I posted on Wardrobe Remix.
I'm also terribly OCD, I organized all my photos by sets and collections.

I told you that this was a lame post. Nothing else, I feel like writing about.
I haven't seen any collection from style.com that has gotten me excited.
In fact, I was very disappointed by Alexander Wang. Velvet, why so much?

Any one else feeling bored as me by the collections this year at NYFW?
I keep on seeing the same stuff type of designs.
I loved the fashionista post on the conspiracy behind all the velvet.

You can see me working hard, or messing around on facebook.
I'm wearing a gray dress, target tights, Very Volatile heels, and silver necklace.

I just realize that my sheets don't match. I've been sleeping with these for 2 months...
I guess now it's time to buy some that do. Silly me.


  1. Trust me, very tall and don't climb stairs in them, but surprisingly easy to walk in and superrrrrr comfortable, too. ;) thank you!!

    Ps. the last Wang collection was better.
    Pss. Daria on DVD!??!?!?! watch out yess!


  2. I wish I could be lazy! Daria on DVD? thanks for the heads up.

    ps. would love it if you checked out my new blog!!!

  3. Gray dress with a black lower half? So classic :)

    Don't forget to enter to win a tankini of your choice!


  4. link exchange would be awesome! adding you to mine right now!


  5. cheer up, dear =]
    i'm currently having a lame situation for living, either. hahaha.

  6. Ugh stupid exams. I wish I had the luxury of lazing. AND OHEMMEGEE, I DIE.

  7. hey anna, thanks so much for your comment on my epic novel of a ranty blog post there :)

    i relate to what your'e saying about feeling guilty/ashamed/embarrassed about being interested in fashion and blogging about it -- the good thing i've found is that there IS such a great community of smart and creative folks with an interest in fashion here on the internet... and my friends who don't "get it" or think it's "stupid" can, uh, somewhere else.

    thanks again and glad you eenjoyed!

    xx m


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