Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Have I've Done?

Oh, I think I got a date.

Let me explain, a dear friend, whom happens to be a guy and pretty adorable, moved backed. He wants me to introduce him to some of my peeps and tag along to a few parties.

I am crazy, for hoping that odds are in my favor? Any suggestions?
I'm terribly confused.

Let's move on to something more fun than dating advice, like shiny, costume jewelry!
I know that I do not wear jewelry. Not all the time, but if I have time I'll put on my necklace.
It's a hassle and most of the time, I take it off because it gets in my way.
Lately, I've been starting to buy certain pieces I enjoy wearing. I guess it's part of growing up, you appreciate more refine and delicate things.

One thing I would truly enjoy would be this bracelet by Mawi.

It's possibly one the most unique items I've seen. It's perfect for girls like me, that don't like to put on two or three bracelet for the layer looked. I like things I can throw on.
Sigh, I have no money to buy it.
This bracelet has to be one of my most coveted items now.
Right next to the Wang bag.

ps. I love you all, my last post was something I truly enjoyed reading.


  1. Oh the song, yellow! I'm going to see them in this next month! Lol i sound so ... i don't know the word but i think you will.

    I love the bracelet for my self too =)

  2. love the mixture of jewels, chains and pearls! good luck with your friend!

  3. Thats a very cute piece and goodluck on your date! keep us posted =)

  4. well. since he didnt explicitly say, "lets go on a date", i think it'll be safe for you to just go with the flow and just act casual like you usually do when you hang out. really cant go wrong with that.

    i also sometimes hate wearing jewelery. i find jewelery annoying to wear sometimes.

  5. Oh, dating was no fun for me... All those games and second guessing.. good luck! lol! I very much enjoy being married!! ;)

    And that bracelet is marvelous!

  6. aww i hope your date turns out wonderful (:

  7. I love to hear the song when i'm in your blog! Lol

    Hey, by saying "link exchange" you mean just follow each other, or putting a link form your blog in my blog and so you do the same?

    Well, i'm in with both! I'll add you in my favorite blogs;). I'm waiting your answer and your next post dear!



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