Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm a rebel, I spelled boys with a "z" instead of "s".
Cause you know, my whole weekend has consisted of cute boys coming up and talking to me. I must be doing something right.

Those of you that read my last post, my friend and I just hung out at a coffee shop and went to a local show. To be honest, my feelings are still at that friendship level. I really appreciated all the dating advice and the encouragement.

I think I explained how I never talk to guys, excepts for the ones I knew since high school and creepers. I've had so many losers ask me out.

That's finally changed, let's just say that Karma is on my side.

I talked to one guy today, never talked to him before. Some psychotic girl kept one touching and flirting with him. I felt so awkward, just cause this was happening right in my personal space.
I decided to I stepped in to talk to him briefly, and ask him to come to seat by my table, just cause he, well, was cute. (Sorry this word keeps on being used).
He actually talked to me, and I can certified that's he not a creeper, bit of an ass but I still see him as cute.

But damn girl was hanging over us like a damn mosquito. She kept on touching him and calling him sweetie. Damn girl, keep away from my man( I felt like saying that.)

I gave him number, I'm such an optimist right now.

Is this really me? I feel sick cause of how sappy I sound.

But here's an awesome snowman I saw at my university.

ps. If you want to follow me, I be glad to do the same.

Thanks. ♥

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  1. Dear ;) i already got you on my link exchange and i'm going to start follow you 'kay?

    Oh boys boys, they're way too much complicated. I haven't talked wth a boy in, you know, a different way since uhmm lots of time taht i can't even remmeber. I'm not just a girl that talks to boys, same as you just creep ones and my friends from highschool.

    Good luck with the boy, take everthing easy and well that bitchy girl, hopes she dissapears, just metaphorically talking.


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