Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Help me!!!

I took a few photos of my outfit. It's really hard to do this without a tripod and with a slow camera.
But this shoot, is a different. I'm showing everyone two items I'm positive that I never taken photos when I wore them.


The dress was found a consignment shop and the cotton blazer/ jacket was rescued from my Mom's goodwill bag. It was too cute to give away. Sorry my head and feet are gone but this was the only good shot of my outfit.


Well, as you can tell in the photos, the dress does not fit my body in the right way.
The line goes slightly around my chest. But I just love the bottom.
I tried on a elastic belt from Target to see how it would look and I'm not sure either.
I don't know it's this just something I live with.
I'm trying to figure out new ways to style this dress.
I once saw a skirt on a style blog very similar to one I'm wearing. I just need help finding it.

Does anyone here keep onto things that don't really flattered them?
Or is there a way for me to make this look work?
Does anyone else like to take things from their mother's closet?

ps. You all are too kind. I'm so tempted to buy the sunnies from my last post, since everyone seems to see them as a good idea.
No news from the store but I hope they call me soon!


  1. That is a cute jacket, as if you would send that off to goodwill, nice saving


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