Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm So Weird

Cause I get all excited, when I finally figure out that song that I've had in my head all week!

Seriously, I'm terrible at remembering songs. I heard this on the radio, I've listen to this song over 5 times today.

I finally bought a plane ticket so I can go see my family this summer!

I'm so excited that I've made a polyvore collage.

I'm so excited to wear more shorts and white dresses. I'm in love with the ones in the left corner.

Sigh, why can't school be finish?
Oh well, only 5 more weeks.


  1. I'm terrible at remembering songs, too. You're reminding me I need to play around with my polyvore again...

  2. love everything in your collage! I would love those chloe shorts and blue romper! xoxo


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