Thursday, September 6, 2012

LBD Lust

Sigh, searching online for a few things this week and I fall so madly in love with a this lovely LBD from J. Crew. I'm praying they have it in my size at the store. It's sold out online. I'm hunting down a simple dress for a wedding next month.

So inspired to wear this dress to the wedding.  I know black is kind of scandalous for a wedding but it's seems appropriate for a formal event. It's such subtle and sophisticated design.


  1. I hope you're able to snap it up in store! I know once I set my heart on something for an occasion, it's super disappointing not to acquire it.

  2. good luck finding the dress in your store hun!!

  3. very cute stuffs<3

    anyway visit and follow mine,i follow back:)
    hello behel

  4. I love lbd's because their so easy to accessorize and update, great post girl!

  5. I think that will look so pretty and classy. I think it's definitely okay to wear black to formal events so you'll be perfect at the wedding



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