Monday, September 10, 2012


First wonderfully cool day just happened to appeared. It felt so refreshing. I even had to run back inside, just to put on a light scarf during the morning commute.

My friends took me out this weekend to celebrate my birthday. I told them about how unamused I felt about turning 22 last weekend. I finally over birthdays and the whole celebration. I gladly will accept presents. I love presents anytime!

In fact all weekend, I felt a little grumpy. It must be a combination of allergies and early stress. I need to plan a getaway for fall break next month.

1.I'm trying to be excited for my birthday. 


2. Enjoying cinnamon coffee at an outdoor concert.


3. TACOS! Not much I need to explain.



ps. Just a little snack. I'm going to post how I made it later.YUM!


  1. Happy Birthday :)

    Allergies & stress don't sound like much fun :( Hope you feel better xo

  2. Happy bday ^^

    look so yummy there lol

    Giveaway on my blog : Zara Pastel Orange Blazer ^^

  3. Aw, this looks like the perfect way to spend a birthday!


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