Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School is KOOL

Said by no one ever. I've been dying in school all day after a wonderful weekend. I want to have a few drinks and try hard to not to think about my ridiculous professors. My head is spinning after a long day of writing and studying. I feel that all I want to do is stay home and watch all the updates from Fashion Week.  That would be so sastifying but not as much as attending it.

Mostly last month, I spent a lot of time browsing my favorite stores. I'm always excited for fall to come. I feel like I could wear anything during fall.  Yet, another time of of the year to refresh the closet with warm knits and high boots.  Time to refresh the make up that I've neglected to wear most of during the summer. It's such a relieve to not worry about it melting off due to the high temps.

One of my true essentials is a good mascara. Even if I'm running late, I always put on mascara and foundation. I need full coverage to cover some mild acne and secondly mascara to feel more awake.

This weekend made a pit stop at Ulta. Love the new Maybelline Mega Plush Brush mascara. I have to include the L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick, in 172 Blushing Sequin. Lastly I'm obsessed with contouring, so my friend recommended this duo compact from ELF. The colors are quite pigmented and go on so smoothly. I think the bronzer is a great match for anyone with olive skin, like me.

Sadly less than stellar pictures. I need a camera recommendation ASAP!

Pretty makeup


Have a freaking awesome week I'm off to celebrate this middle of the weekday. Also, I just realize my birthday is this month!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog (sorry it has taken me so long to reply)
    that's so awesome to hear how involved you were with your local music scene. Sydney's one isn't that great, well it's pretty expensive to attend gigs and there isn't that much opportunity for all ages gigs either. All the music coming from youth bands is like metal and "hardstyle" (whatever that means?!) It's so odd to me. There is this whole youth music scene but I'm just not a part of it because I don't really like what punk and rock has developed into I guess...

    In the 90s Australia used to apparently have this awesome accesible music scene and it was really encouraged by the government but things have changed now. I'm so envious hearing stories from my friends about when bars weren't strict on ID and held music regularly in the 90s. Ahhh..

    Stay cool ^.^ Alexa


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