Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sigh, I'm so exhausted from over hauling my closet. Seriously, I filled up two large trash bags full of crap, erhm, I mean clothes. Most of them I plan on trying to sell at a garage sale next weekend. These are that clothes I've had for years. I started to look at them, it's was quite saddening to see. I've felt attach to some items. At last, I realized that I no longer enjoy it, and it's time to let go. I feel so relieve after spending a day reorganizing the bedroom. My closet feels more spacious and I have a better reason to go shopping again!
Through out the day I took a few pictures with my phone. I bought a new jewelry stand and organized my chaotic shoe collection. I wish I snap a few shots when I had a mountain of clothes and shoes on my floor.




shh...Speaking of transforming, I decided to change up my hair. I finally went blonde. It's quite pretty. I'm a bit obsessed with my hair right now.

♥ Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. It's good to have a clean out! Well done you xo

  2. nice jewelry stand you bought, and love the blonde for your hair!!


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