Monday, April 22, 2013

Explain It To Me

Good day, it's been a rather rough week. So much terror, I knew that so many people felt scared. My heart really does go out to Boston.  Also the explosion in Texas, made shocked waves.  Thankfully, we all can breathe better this weekend. Monday, is a brand new start for everyone. I'm so in awe of those that stand strong and continue to live life.

It was such a carefree and fun weekend. I'm still waiting for spring. It's been lots of rainfall and chilly nights. I've tried to put on a smile but I want to wear bright dress and sandals.

1. Finding this medium size bag at Marshalls, it was a steal and reminded me of a certain designer bag that fancy bloggers like to carry.

2. Glitter tip manicure. pssh, that's not an engagement ring. I'm quite confuse as to why everyone thinks it's one, just because I like to wear it on my left hand.

3. Drinking a classic Shirley Temple, I'm never too old to order one.

4. Do I even need to explain? I've jumped onto the whole frozen yogurt trend.

5. Discovering a new bands. I saw Nice & Pretty and Jukebox The Ghost last Friday. You all need to check them out. They sang a cover a song of "That Thing You Do."


  1. Oh, I love that bag! Is it from Valentino, or just inspired? xx

    - Victoria

  2. OMG LOVE THAT STUFF! tastes so good ahah. now i am craving.



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