Monday, May 6, 2013


Ever feel like something is pull you around and won't let you go on with life. Sometimes I think about my problems but than I realize they seem meaningless when we widen our view.  I examine future prospects and  try to become more understanding and practice patience.

I'm not one to be shy about the type of food I enjoy and it helps to have wonderful company. On Saturday, I had to check out this spot called Twisted Fork. My group ordered lots of appetizers and fruity cocktails. The best things, was the mushroom dip and chicken fried bacon. Yeah, it's deep fried bacon served with a side of gravy. It's even better than I expected. Enjoy all the food porn! *drools*

Twisted Fork

Twisted Fork

Twisted Fork

I'm never really in front of a computer since I've finished school. I went out of town and now I'm going to New York at the end of the month! I've never been so give me a few tips for a first timer. Thanks!


  1. This food looks so delicious and you're so right about the way life's problems are so small compared to larger ones people are facing. The food look so delicious too


  2. cool post :)

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  3. Oh, wow. I am drooling! This looks so delicious! And now I'm really hungry haha

  4. Hello Anna,
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    Lou ♥
    Ps:Normally not a fan of bacon related stuff, but this one just killed me. YUMMMMYYY


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