Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm in need of this..

It's all been big blur.
I just go to my classes, come home, work, etc.
I'm feel trapped.

In order it get over myself, I just decided to have little fun.
I didn't wear this to school, it be too scandalous for such a crowd.

I wore some slightly dark red lips. Not sure it's appropriate but I abosolutely adore it.

Also trying to figure an outfit for this red lovely dress, it's has such lovely ruffles. It's cotton silk blend. i would have taken a picture wearing it but I'm too lazy. I'm trying to make it more appropriate for fall. It be perfect to wear with those little heart tight but I can't find those anywhere.


  1. omg i know what you mean i ve been looking for the heart tights or the polka dot ones :(

    lame ...!

    love the dress ... maybe try other pattern tights ? those boots are divine ... wish i could get a better look

  2. great outfit! love the dress as well!

  3. Sometimes you need to be scandalous to live a little...

  4. oh you look awesome in that outfit! and i can't wait to see how you style up that amazing red dress! oh the possibilities are endless! ;)

  5. winning combo girl, you lok fab! i really liek teh texture of your top;)

    xx raez

  6. Your shirt is so nice! I love your hair!!


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