Monday, September 27, 2010


I went to a college football game. In case, you live somewhere cooler than me, football in Nebraska is A BIG DEAL. People are so excited for September, not for fashion week like me, but for football season. I have lived here all my life and never gone to a single game, until this past Saturday. 

It's not that I dislike football, it's actually very entertaining. I did go to games in high school (About two a year) but I've never understood the game. I still don't get it because I hear people people use the terms and talk like their opinion should determine how well the team is going to play. 
Besides, I'm instantly out-casted by football fans because I prefer real football/ soccer. 

But sorry about my rant, here's pictures of infamous Lincoln, Nebraska and Memorial Stadium. 


Downtown Lincoln

Parking Lot

First Touchdown


Overall, the game was fun and my team won 17-3. I'm wearing a Nebraska tee with a hood and I borrow the second hoodie from my mom. It was cold! Also I wore boots that I wore all last winter. It is a great idea to wear boots, I'd recommend to any of my readers. Your feet stay warm and you don't have to worry about your feet hurting when drunken fans step on them. 

Also I explore the campus after the game. It way bigger than mine but I'm glad I chose the small commuter college after seeing the messy and tiny dormitories. haha. 

Ps. How was everyone's weekend? I'm so glad you all love my hair. I'm keeping it like this for a few months. Also if you read all that you deserve some kind of prize.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Talk

Hey everyone, I'm totally excited because I finally got a job! It's nothing glamorous but it's  my first job. That's right, I've never really had a job before. I'm just happy to making some money to save up towards that Nikon 3100 DSLR.


Dress- Von Maur
Silver necklace- TJ Maxx
Shoes- Tj Maxx


Do you like my hair? This one was taken by mom to show off my new hair. My dogs refuse to leave me alone when I'm outside. I went slightly darker this time. It's really nice chocolate brown, but now I'm thinking about putting in some reddish- copper tones. Who knows, I might change my mind and keep it like this for awhile.

Anyways, I'm super tired from my first two days. So please tell, me if you have any plans for the weekend. I'm probably going to see a movie. I just have find someone to join me!

Bet wishes to all you lovely readers.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Omaha= Fashion?

I know I've complain numerous times about the lack of appreciation for fashion in Omaha. Let's face it typically would not think anything special about some girl blogging on and on about shoes would not be stuck living in a small city. But this week Omaha, held is third year of Omaha Fashion Week. I find extremely fascinating because finally more people are less interested in bootcut jeans and hooded sweatshirts. 

I seriously did not know much about the designers until recently. I know many of them are my peers and that most will not read my words but I hope the blogging community can see that Omaha does have a presence in fashion.

But sadly I didn't go to the runway show, because I had plans to attend a wedding. I knew months in advance I wouldn't be going. 

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the following images. They were all found off Metro Magazine. 

But here's is my review of a few local designers. I'm sorry if this comes off as catty but I'm just being honest. Also sorry for the length of the post but I still hope you enjoy all the pictures and commentary. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jean Genie

Why the hell is Wrangler Austrailia so damn cool? 

Look how sexy those those shorts and bodysuit are from the lookbook. I seriously want to go out and buy a pair.  I checked out the US site, but then I saw some race car driver and knew these were still the same jeans that my father buys for when he does work on the cars. How sad, that they decides to only sell this lovely stuff outside it's country of origin. 

I have the worst time buying jeans. I only have 5 pairs. I recently bought some from American Eagle. I actually like how they fit and the darker ones are so much nicer than the lighter, bleached ones. Please tell me, where do you buy your jeans? 

ps. Thanks for the super lovely comments. You have no idea how much I enjoy reading them. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What makes me Beautiful

This video by bubzbeauty, that just brought the biggest smile to my face. I though it share with everyone in hope they will feel amazing and BEAUTIFUL! 

I had an amazing weekend. I spend my Saturday in an Apple orchard, and ate so many yummy foods. Too bad I forgot my camera. No worries I'm going back next weekend! It felt so amazing to go and spend a day away from my computer screen. I always feel so confident and beautiful when I'm with people that love me for who I am. 
If it's not obvious, I'm feeling pretty awesome today. I also want to say thank you lovelies for the birthday wishes. 

ps. What does make you feel beautiful? 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Camera Missing

So, my mother currently has my camera. Sadly, I can't take any pictures of the new dress I got from Urban Outfitters yesterday. I bought as a present to myself. But who cares because today is still my birthday!

Last Friday

Outfit details- 

Dress- xoxo
blazer- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Turban headband- Forever 21
shoes- Dollhouse


Sorry for the bad quality. I took this last week but forgot to post. I swear to god, I'm getting a new camera soon. ♥

Well, I off to go snack on some yummy mini- cupcakes a friend gave me.

I hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love you all!

Monday, September 6, 2010

If I Only Had Three Wishes

It's hard to believe but my 20th birthday is in a few days. It's this Thursday in case you're curious. I'm not kind of girl that throws lavish parties or demands overpriced items for one particular day. Besides, birthdays come only one day each year. I much prefer a gift from friends because they thought if be something I would love to own or make me feel happy.

If you are feeling generous. Here's a helpful list of things that would would make me extremely happy.

Birthday Wish
My Favorite Color

I'm seriously not worry about what I want for my birthday. Actually, I wouldn't mind if all my friends and family gave me one thing. For example, I'd be so excited if they would buy me the Nikon 3100.  It's basically everything I want in DSLR camera. I'm so in love now. I never get so worked up about electronics but this camera is the one. Too bad, it comes out in a few weeks and I would have to wait for it's arrival. I'm terribly impatient, so I might buy the older version.

Also I wouldn't mind getting a high end wallet. I'm not big on purses. I much prefer shoes, if the polyvore doesn't make it that obvious. Either one by Marc by Marc Jacobs or Mulberry would satisfy my cravings.

Lastly, I've noticed that I have made any trips to Sephora or any makeup counter in awhile. I always feel that if I can't buy shoes or clothes. That makeup helps control my impulse shopping. I've been searching now for sweet nude and coral lipsticks and some dark purple nail polish for fall. It would definitely stand out because I typically wear some shade of pink. 

Anyways, I plan on having a very mellow birthday this year. Besides nothing special happen when you turn 20. Too young to drink and I still can't go to cool bars.

If your birthday is in September, I hope you have an exciting one. Also it's getting so cold. It's below 60 where I'm living. So exciting to see the seasons change. Best wishes to everyone.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


These beginning two days of September have been just some taste of fall. It's been so cool and rainy all day and I'm just so thrilled  that I brought out my boots and jackets. But for some odd reason I didn't wear them.

Its just nice to have them out so I can figure out my inspiration for fall, especially since NYFW is right around the corner. Sadly I won't be anywhere near the festivities of Fashion Night Out. I would do anything to be in New York right now.


I didn't wear the shoes and sock outside my house but I plan on wearing them. Also are rolled jeans still acceptable? It was the only way I could show off my high heels and socks combination.

I hope you all enjoying your week. Dearies, do you have any special plans for the four day weekend? I'm spending the weekend with the family and going to the fair!

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